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Card - FAQs

1. Who can order a Debit Card?

A DSBC Financial Europe debit card can be ordered by persons from 16 years of age, who are registered and identified in the DSBC Financial Europe system. Prior to ordering a card, make sure your account balance is sufficient to cover the card order and delivery costs. The order fees are debited in euro. If you have funds in other currencies in your account, the amount to be debited will be automatically converted to euro. If a card is being ordered for business use, please indicate the username (email address or phone number) of the person (company representative), who is going to use the card. Up to 5 debit cards can be issued to one person.

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2. How to register for 3D Secure and make secure payments?

The 3D Secure technology (Verified by VISA) ensures online payment safety. When making a payment, you will be asked to enter certain numbers from your password. This additional safety measure allows you not to worry about someone using your card for their own purposes.

You can register your DSBC Financial Europe card in the 3-D Secure programme by logging in to the system and selecting the "PAYMENT CARDS > DSBC Financial Europe Visa" section or at the time of your first purchase in an e-store. 

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3. When I receive the DSBC Financial Europe card, what do I need to do?

After receiving your DSBC Financial Europe card, here are some extra steps you should do:

  1. Make sure the envelope is completely sealed for security purposes
  2. Follow instruction inside to activate, change PIN number, and steps to ensure your DSBC Financial Europe card is kept in a secure place. 
  3. Contact DSBC Financial Europe consulting team (+370 5 240 5555) for questions about card activation or related issues.
  4. Sign  on the back of the card.
  5. Save DSBC Financial Europe phone number (+370 5 240 5555) to your phone or notebook to contact as needed.

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4. How to activate Debit Card?

After you receive your card, you need to activate it within 3 months of the card manufacturing date specified in the system. The card can be activated by logging into to your account and following the instructions in "PAYMENT CARDS > DSBC Financial Europe Debit card". 

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