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Card Issuance Fee

*Note: DSBC Financial Europe payment cards are issued to all EU/EEA countries citizens or European persons resident in EU/EEA.

DSBC Financial Europe provides all common card services, unless there are no technical possibilities or such services would unreasonably increase the card price, as most card services are provided at cost price, i.e. the fees that we are charged by our partners.

How much to open a Debit Card?

Service Name Fee/ per card

Plastic card issuance/ replacement

*(Taking up 3 - 4 business days with regular post delivery within EU)
60 EUR

Urgent card issuance

*(Taking up around 2 business days with regular post delivery within EU)
90 EUR
Virtual card issuing/replacement (card life cycle is restricted to 12 months) 10 EUR
Express Card shipping (Additional fee by using Express DHL, TNT…) 60 EUR
Card activation (via the Internet) Free of charge
Monthly fee of the first card (paid in advance for the upcoming month) 5 EUR
Second (and following) card monthly fee (when the card is linked to the same account as the first one) Free of charge
Card closing 10 EUR

*Currency exchange fee in percentage from the VISA/MasterCard rate.

Service Name Fee/ per card
Cash withdrawal fee (in EUR currency within SEPA region) 1%, min 5 EUR
Cash withdrawal fee (in other currencies and/or Non-SEPA region) 3%, min 10 EUR
Currency conversion rate 3.5%
ATM balance request 1 EUR
ATM decline fee Free of charge
Fund loading to Card 1% of amount loaded
Checking balance 1 EUR

*Currency exchange fee in percentage from the VISA/MasterCard rate.

Service Name Limited Amount
Maximum monthly transaction limit 10,000 EUR
Monthly ATM withdrawal limit 5,000 EUR
Daily ATM withdrawal limit 2,000 EUR
Single ATM withdrawal limit 1,000 EUR

Additional information

  • The card validity term is 2 years.
  • Upon expiration, a new card is automatically ordered if at least one card transaction has been performed in the last three months.

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