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Payment Guidelines

You agree to pay the fees charged by UAB "DSBC Financial Europe". UAB “DSBC Financial Europe”’s schedule of fees can be found in the price list available on the website. UAB "DSBC Financial Europe" start an execution phase only after the receipt of the full payment of the fees. All fees and charges are payable in the currency nominated by UAB "DSBC Financial Europe", which is EUR.

We offer 2 methods of payment as below:

Pay by Bank Wire Transfer


  • Purpose of transfer: This field is mandatory to apply the funds.
  • The invoice number must be provided together with payment. If you are paying for multiple invoices, please provide all invoice numbers in full and separated by " / " with a space before and after.
  • Your payment has to include all bank charges, intermediary bank charges, agent fees, and all local and overseas relevant charges.
  • For questions about our bank account information, please email [email protected] or call us on + 370 5 240 5555.


UAB “DSBC Financial Europe” Account

For the transfer you will need to provide the following information.

UAB “DSBC Financial Europe” Account

  • Beneficiary Name: Opening Account Department
  • Beneficiary Bank Name: UAB "DSBC Financial Europe"
  • Beneficiary Bank Address: Lvovo str. 25, Mazoji bure, 15th floor, LT-09320, Vilnius Lithuania.
  • Account Number (EUR): LT43 3270 0105 9999 9991
  • IBAN: LT43 3270 0105 9999 9991
  • Beneficiary Bank BIC code: DSFELT21XX


About Us

We are always proud of being an experienced Financial Institution in the global financial payments.

We provide the best platform payment as well as transfer money online easily worldwide. Whether your need for personal or business we can help fit your need smoothly.