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DSBC Financial Europe Personal Account

Opening a DSBC Financial Europe Personal Account is a fast way to send and receive money all over the world, exchange currency, and pay online and at POS using your DSBC Financial Europe debit/prepaid card.

Your account is so much more than just a convenient online payment method. As a DSBC Financial Europe member, you automatically have access to all our features and benefits as highlighted below.


  • Your personal account can be used for various types of online payment!
  • Send funds instantly to your family members and friends from your secured online current account.
  • Send and receive money for free between DSBC Financial Europe accounts.
  • Fast international transfers with competitive rates.
  • Currency exchange at favourable rates.
  • Fund or withdraw your account via bank wire transfer from over 190 countries.
  • Your personal account or card info is never shared during transactions.
  • Spend anywhere, online or offline.

Eligible criteria:

  • Age requirement of 16 or above.


  • Proof of ID in the form of a passport (color scan of two full pages).
  • Proof of residency, this can be utility bills or bank statements within the last 3 months.

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(*.zip, *.pdf, *.doc, *.docx, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg <= 20MB/file, limit 7 files)

Our available services for Personal Account:

  • Cash Management

    Cash Management

  • Debit/Prepaid card

    Card Issuing

  • Foreign Exchange Services

    Foreign Exchange

Step 1
Account Registration

Account Registration

Click on the button "Open an account", select the tab "Personal Account" and fill in all the required information.

Step 2
Document Submission

Document Submission

Log in to the account and start uploading your personal documents.

Step 3
Short Remote Interview

Short Remote Interview

A short remote interview through Skype will be arranged if necessary.

Step 4
Account Approval

Account Approval

Get your account LIVE and start enjoy DSBC Financial Europe Membership.

Outstand Advantages

Access on Web and App

Access on Web and App

Multiple DSBC Financial Europe Cards

Multiple DSBC Financial Europe Cards

Fast and Secure Transfers

Fast and Secure Transfers

Own IBANs in multiple currencies

Own accounts with identical IBAN in multiple currency

Manage your finances

Manage your finances

Get Your European Account In Minutes

Set up your online account in different currencies with an identical IBAN

Order Your Card For Free

Pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world.

Instant Notifications

Get notified whenever money comes into your account or when you use your DSBC Financial Europe Card.

Accepted by 20 million merchants
Designed just for you

Accepted by 20 million merchants<br>Designed just for you
  • No charges for international payments
  • Free delivery to your doorstep
  • Instant locking from the app
  • Worldwide ATM withdrawals
  • Secure contactless payments
  • Daily, weekly or monthly spending limits

Send money anywhere, anytime

Send money anywhere, anytime
Free DSBC Financial Europe Peer-to-Peer Transfers

Free DSBC Financial Europe Peer-to-Peer Transfers

Send money to friends and family instantly at no cost, 24/7!

European transfers at a flat rate

European transfers at a flat rate

No complicated price tag for your transfers in European currencies. Get a flat fee and you’ll know exactly how much the beneficiary will get.

Deposits to your IBAN Account

Deposits to your IBAN Account

You can deposit to your IBAN account via SEPA. In most cases, funds will show up in your account the same day.

SEPA Credit Transfers

SEPA Credit Transfers

Make payments within the Single Euro Payments Area at a fixed fee of €5.00 per transfer.

Automated Transaction Tracking System

Automated Transaction Tracking System

Our system allows Personal and Corporate Clients to track real-time incoming and outgoing transactions on their account.

Manage your account directly from the app

Manage your account directly from the app

Move funds in just a few taps with the DSBC Financial Europe app. Keep track of all accounts and transactions and control all your cards on the move.

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Personal Account Fees

Euro currency FREE

DSBC Financial Europe Personal account opening fee

Euro currency FREE

Multi-currency current account opening fee


Euro currency FREE

Internet banking for Personal (sign up + monthly fee)

Euro currency 19

Monthly maintenance fee

How To Create A Personal Account | DSBC Financial Europe

Service Fees

Why Choose Us?

Low cost

Low cost

  • Our low fees and exchange rates are shown upfront.
  • Remittance cost cut down up to 90%.
  • Know the exact amount your recipient will get as you set up your transfer.


  • Really fast delivery.
  • Keep up to date with the progress of your transaction online, 24/7.
  • Status update with SMS text.
Reliably secured and trusted

Secure and trusted

  • Licensed money service operator.
  • Trusted globally. Our office in Lithuania and provide services over 132 countries.
  • SSL/TLS encryption and cloud data.
Simple & Convenient

Simple & Convenient

  • 24/7 easy to use service, no more agents to visit and we’re here to help around the clock.
  • No more cash, no more queuing.
  • Available on mobile, tablet, and PC.

Personal Account - Frequently asked questions

1. How can I open a personal account?

A DSBC Financial Europe account is cost-saving and can be opened in a matter of seconds. After filling in your details and completing identification, you will be able to use all of DSBC Financial Europe's benefits right after the 1st transaction of €500 is made.

2. What age can begin using a DSBC Financial Europe account?

You can become a DSBC Financial Europe's client from the age of 16 years.

To carry out an identification procedure, you need to provide an international personal document: a passport or ID card.

You can order a DSBC Financial Europe debit/ prepaid card from the age of 16 years.

3. How can I add funds to DSBC Financial Europe account?

You can add funds to your DSBC Financial Europe account from any bank in the world through SEPA transfers in EUR directly to your DSBC Financial Europe account.

SEPA transfers:

You can receive SEPA payments only in EUR to your individual IBAN number (found in the DSBC Financial Europe app) from any bank in the SEPA area. This is free and takes up to one working day, depending on the time of transfer.

See more: SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme development

4. How can I transfer money to banks or other payment systems?

Whether you want to exchange funds with a bank account or between two DSBC Financial Europe accounts, DSBC Financial Europe does it quickly, usually within minutes. Though it could take as long as three business days. Users also have 24/7 access to DSBC Financial Europe’s e-payments system to keep track of all transactions.

Anyone with a DSBC Financial Europe personal account can exchange money for free with other DSBC Financial Europe users. For a small fee, you can also send money in many currencies to a recipient’s bank account.

Transfers from a DSBC Financial Europe account to other banks are performed just like at bank. You have to fill in the recipient data, indicate the account number and purpose of payment/reference. In order to transfer money from DSBC Financial Europe to other payment systems, you will have to indicate the client number in the system or other data depending on the payment system.

5. Is there any extra fee associated with my personal account during the time of usage?

There is no extra fee associated with your personal account during the time of usage, only an amount of €240 is kept to secure the monthly fee of Account Maintenance in 1 year.

6. How Safe Is Your Money in DSBC Financial Europe Account?

According to the Law on Payments, the money of clients:

  • are held only on special bank accounts exclusively for keeping funds of the clients;
  • are NOT used for needs of the company, loans or investments;
  • cannot be subjected to recovery of debts of the electronic money institution.

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