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Open Corporate Account
How to expand business globally

DSBC Financial Europe aims to deliver the best banking services experience of a lifetime at a fraction of the cost. We are thankful to a completely new banking platform at DSBC Financial Europe - digital banking to reduce cost and time (traditional banking method with all the required physical paperwork and signature).

And what else could be more stressful than relocating and settling everything in a new country or territory all at once? DSBC Financial Europe can help you to open a new account within the blink of an eye. Fromcash management to foreign exchange, international banking or merchant account, DSBC Financial Europe makes it easier by offering DSBCnet banking account. Simple yet effective from A to Z, you name it, we have it.

Benefits Of Corporate Account:

  • Easy but secured access any time at any where.
  • Smart OTP to ensure safe online transactions.
  • 24/7 Customer and Technical Support.
  • Unique IBAN number issued from DSBC Financial Europe to you.
  • Connected with E-Merchant account for fast ins and outs money.
  • Cost and time efficiency when desiring to open an overseas account with DSBC Financial Europe.
  • Enjoy transferring & receiving money without limitation to foreign countries and vice versa.

Eligible criteria:

  • This account can only be opened by the head of the company or owner(s).
  • All companies incorporated inside or outside of the European Union/Lithuania are eligible to open current accounts and use other financial services at DSBC Financial Europe.
  • Any type of companies: Public company, Private limited, Corporation, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership, Trust/Foundations, etc. are able to apply for DSBC Financial Europe current accounts as well as other financial services like cash management, cards, foreign exchange or merchant account.
  • The company has to retain active status.

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Our available corporate account services

  • Cash Management - Corporate account services

    Cash Management

  • Card Issuing - Corporate account services

    Card Issuing

  • Foreign Exchange - Corporate account services

    Foreign Exchange

  • Merchant Account - Corporate account services

    Merchant Account

  • International Banking - Corporate account services

    International Banking

Step 1
Account Registration

Account Registration

Fill out an application form online or contact us at [email protected]

Step 2
Document Submission

Document Submission

Your DSBC Financial Europe Relationship Manager will keep in touch with you starting this point to make sure you submit all the required documents.

Step 3
Short Remote Interview

Short Remote Interview

Compliance team will conduct a 15-20 minutes interview for face recognition with you.

Step 4
Account Approval

Account Approval

Congratulations! Now you can successfully access your corporate / offshore account with DSBC Financial Europe. Manage your global DSBC Financial Europe account with one single login, and make real-time transfers between the accounts no matter where you are.

Payment methods for businesses: make instant worldwide payments

Sending and receiving payments between countries are quite a challenge. International wires are expensive while opening a foreign bank account can take weeks and not always possible. DSBC Financial Europe offers an alternative. We make it simple to pay suppliers, employees, freelancers, affiliate marketers to and accept payments directly from your users' clients.

Opening an account with DSBC Financial Europe takes just a couple of hours. Once set up, you can instantly send money to any country in the world. With a DSBC Financial Europe account, you are able to collect, hold and send payments in multiple currencies and channels.

Money Transfer Money Transfer

Make instant worldwide payments
Beneficiary name

Beneficiary name

Your Company LLC


Bank name

"DSBC Financial Europe" UAB





Just like a bank account

A DSBC Financial Europe account comes with an IBAN number. This makes it similar to having a European current account where you can effortlessly send and receive funds in Euros.

Accept payments online
Accept payments on your website

Cut your merchant fees by accepting payments from any DSBC Financial Europe account, embed the DSBC Financial Europe payment button today.

Online Payments Online Payments

Accept payments on your website
Go global with a DSBC Financial Europe card

Go global with a DSBC Financial Europe card

Make payments online or in-store anywhere in the world with reasonable fee and enjoy the best exchange rate. It’s one card for all your transactions – accepted worldwide.

  • Order salary cards for your employees.
  • Offer them a card in Dollars or Euros.
  • Put your company logo on them.

Global Card Acquiring Global Card Acquiring

Stay on top of real-time business

Stay up to date. Get push notifications immediately after all account activities, including card payments, direct debits, and transfers.

Stay on top of business in real-time

Corporate Account Fees

Euro currency FREE

DSBC Financial Europe Corporate account opening fee

Euro currency FREE

Multi currency current account opening fee


Euro currency FREE

Internet banking for business (sign up + monthly fee)

Euro currency 99

Monthly maintenance fee

Acquiring New DSBC Financial Europe Account

Service Fees

Why Choose Us?

Low cost

Low cost

  • Our low fees and exchange rates are shown upfront.
  • Remittance cost cut down up to 90%.
  • Know the exact amount your recipient will get as you set up your transfer.


  • Really fast delivery.
  • Keep up to date with the progress of your transaction online, 24/7.
  • Status update with SMS text.
Reliably secured and trusted

Secure and trusted

  • Licensed money service operator.
  • Trusted globally. Our office in Lithuania and provide services over 132 countries.
  • SSL/TLS encryption and cloud data.
Simple & Convenient

Simple & Convenient

  • 24/7 easy to use service, no more agents to visit and we’re here to help around the clock.
  • No more cash, no more queuing.
  • Available on mobile, tablet, and PC.

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Corporate Account - Frequently asked questions

1. Who has the authority to open a corporate current account?

A Corporate Account or a Corporate Current Account can only be opened by the chief executive officer (CEO) or the owners of a company. They will need to complete the identification procedure, required by DSBC Financial Europe (""DSBC""), this process will include filling our application forms and a short remote interview. If you ever encounter any issues with the process, our Relationship Manager will be ready to support you, just give us a call. 

In the case where you are not the CEO of a company, but an authorized person, you also need to complete the identification procedure before the process to open the account. Afterward, you'll be required to submit a power of attorney or a permission with e-signature by the company CEO to complete the steps to open a Corporate account. Please don't feel disheartened with the list of required documents, we will provide you with a Relationship Manager to guide you through the process and tell you exactly which paper we would need from you.

Corporate accounts provided by DSBC only available for companies that are currently retaining active status. We will need additional information about your field of operation to complete the opening process. This can be a hassle at first but this process will assist us in providing you with the appropriate features according to your business.

See more: Open a corporate account with DSBC Financial Europe

2. Can I open a personal account for business purposes instead of corporate account opening?

A Corporate Account is made for commercial or business purposes. It can perform more transactions in one day with a higher transaction limit. A Corporate Account has all the functions of a Personal Account together with the exclusive Merchant Account function, which supports incoming payments to your account including accepting debit/credit cards from customers, support chargeback transactions and many more. In short, if you are interested in running your business effectively with the best possible support, you should choose to open a DSBC Financial Europe Corporate Account.

At DSBC, corporate account opening is as easy as opening a personal account with a dedicated Relationship Manager to guide you through the process, which would make it as simple as it can be. So there is no reason to use a personal account if you want to startup or currently run a business yourself.

See more:

3. How to open an account for a company which is not registered in Lithuania?

At DSBC, we are aiming to provide the best services for businesses from everywhere across the globe. Companies that are not registered in Lithuania can also apply for a DSBC Financial Europe Corporate account with as simple a procedure as the one in Lithuania. The companies will need to provide following documents for a new corporate account opening: 

  1. Passport of the Directors/ Shareholders (and all related parties).
  2. Proof of residential address of the Directors/ Shareholders (Utility bill or bank statement not older than 3 months) and of those authorized signers.
  3. Documents that verify Business Legal Entity:
    • Certificate of Incorporation (COI).
    • Memorandum of Article of Association (M&AA).
    • Certificate of Shareholders + Licenses (if any).
    • Supporting documents (Commercial Invoice or Sale Agreement, Contract…).
4. Do I need a corporate account if I am a freelancer and work under a business certificate?

In general, if you are working as a freelancer, you can collect payment to your personal account without the need to open a corporate one. However, this may change according to the law and regulation of every country you are based on so we would review this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our Relationship Manager for specific information regarding your circumstance and your country specifically.

Corporate account procedure requires our client to provide some legal entity documents that a freelancer is unable to submit. For example when a corporate client applies for a DSBC Financial Europe corporate checking account, they are advised to submit some documents like Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Register of Director & Shareholder, Company Extract ( for European companies only); and a freelancer cannot provide these papers to apply for DSBC corporate account.

On the other hand, a DSBC personal account is also an optimum choice for personal usages. You can execute wire transfers, pay online with DSBC MasterCard, manage your finance effortlessly with internet banking and mobile banking free registration fees and monthly maintenance fee while you only need to provide your identification and address proof.

5. Which situation do I need to inform DSBC Fianancial Europe to make change to our corporate checking account?

You would need to inform us if there are any changes to the structure of the company so we can make appropriate updates to your account, this would include the following situation: 

  1. If your corporation change the chief executive officer (CEO) or the board of directors 
  2. If your corporation change your company address 
  3. If your corporation change beneficial owners of the corporation or shareholders of the company

For the security of your corporate account, you need to inform us as soon as these changes have been officially agreed on so we can prepare the relevant document to change the representative of the company accordingly. If there are change not related to CEO or board of directors, we can change it in the account details but if there is a CEO change, the process of changing would be a little complicated as below:

Your corporate needs to inform DSBC Financial Europe of the new CEO information, we will then prepare an identification process for the new CEO, he or she will have to complete a short interview with us to complete this process. After the identification process, we would have all the necessary information of the new CEO in our system and we can proceed to change the authorised person of your company account to the new one, and remove the old CEO access to said account. This process may seem long and complicated but we only need information and a short interview from your CEO and we will get everything done for you.

However, we suggest that you should go through this process before the new CEO change is made official just in case there are any problems relating to this change.

Please check your corporate account after each change for any problems and notice us as soon as you encounter one so we can fix it immediately so you can continue to run your business smoothly

6. Where can I find the corporate account (corporation online account) option in my DSBCnet?

After logging into your DSBC Financial Europe ( DSBCnet ) online banking, you will see your account details right at centre of the screen, here you can choose which account you want to view, it can either be your personal or corporate account.

Alternatively, you can choose the "Account list" option on the "Fast access" menu on the left side of the screen, then select your account and view details. You can view your available balance of your account on the screen. If you want to export account details in a PDF file, you can choose the "Export PDF" button on the right.

The exported PDF file is an IBAN Certificate which includes name of client, account number information, currency, type of account (current account), IBAN paper format, IBAN electronic format and the BIC code.

You can use these exported information of your corporation online account for transfering using SEPA or wire transfer with IBAN code.

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