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Accumulating customer credit and debit card numbers “in the clear” would allow merchants and enterprises to face up with the huge potential for hacking and fraud. However, to enable recurring and subscription payments, the reality plays an important role in the processing system. DSBC Financial Europe provides a common tokenization vault which eliminates payment information from the vendor’s network.


All essentially sensitive customer’s data would be replaced with a unique identifier or token that cannot be mathematically reversed. The actual payment data is securely stored in data centers which are operated by Visa Inc. Generally, the last four digits of the card will be retained by the token as a means of accurately matching the token to the payment card owner, enabling the vendor to run its operations without card data in the business environment.

With the tokenization feature, DSBC Financial Europe allows

  • Payment data stored in secure data centers and exchanged for a safe token
  • Generating token by using proprietary algorithms and cannot be mathematically reversed
  • Token format fits legacy payment card data fields
  • Tokens support all payment actions and checkout models including one-time authorization, capture and settlement, recurring and subscription billing, credit and partial credit, split capture, reauthorization, and standard checkout

Benefits for vendors

  • Reduces PCI DSS scope
  • Renders payment card data making it meaningless to hackers
  • Coordinates chargebacks and payments without handling payment data
  • Compatible with your current systems and processor/acquirer

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