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Terms in using content by the English language: Translation by Al agreement

Last modified: Sep 26, 2020, 05:02 (UTC+03:00)

Aiming at the convenience of global customers in searching for information on "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB website, we provide 110 different languages on our website that are translated by the Artificial intelligence (AI) software.

The AI program is more convenient and saves time for all clients of "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB when they are reading the information in their preferred language. The translation of all information is provided solely for the customer’s convenience and is not intended to modify the terms of this user agreement.

In the case of the conflict between the English version and a translated language of information, other than English, the information being provided shall be considered based on the English version.

All problems are resolved based on the information that is written in the English language.

In case you think we used your translation without your permission. Please send the email with proofs to show we used your translation within 3 working days from the day we updated the information on "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB website. After 3 working days, we have the right to refuse to respond.

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