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Cash Management - FAQs

1. How fast and convenient are money transfers within DSBC Financial Europe?

Wherever you are and whatever currency you transfer, transfers between all DSBC Financial Europe clients are free and unlimited in all currencies supported by DSBC Financial Europe. Need to transfer money to a friend or family quickly? International transfers between DSBC Financial Europe users are received INSTANTLY!

Transfers between users of DSBC Financial Europe are free of charge. It is the easiest way to transfer money, as it is enough to indicate an email address, phone number or DSBC Financial Europe account number of the recipient to transfer money in an INSTANT.

2. Does DSBC Financial Europe offer low prices for international transfers?

With DSBC Financial Europe, you will pay less for transfers in different currencies, since we offer our clients favourable service prices. If you want to perform international transfers for a reasonable price, log in or register and see it for yourself now! The prices and conditions of international transfers can be found above.

3. How fast are DBSC International transfers?

Bank transfers may take a week or even more, but with the DSBC Financial Europe system you will save not only money but also your valuable time. International transfers usually reach the recipient account the same day with DSBC Financial Europe. Depending on the transfer urgency and country of the recipient, the money will be transferred in 1-3 business days. You can also make instant (SEPA instant payment) transfers (24/7/365) of up to 15 000 EUR between banks who are participants of the SEPA Instant system.

4. How fast for EUR Transfers within Europe?

DSBC Financial Europe is a member of SEPA Instant, so our clients can make INSTANT transfers amounting up to 15 000 EUR within seconds, 24/7. Transfers are only charged as 5 EUR for each personal or corporate client and can be carried out an unlimited number of times.

5. Does DSBC Financial Europe offer different currencies in one account?

Need to perform frequent transfers in different currencies from different accounts? With DSBC Financial Europe, you can have one free multi-currency account which is opened and topped-up within a few minutes. In your single DSBC Financial Europe account, you can keep money in different currencies and use them for international transfers or online payments.

6. Does DSBC Financial Europe offer online currency exchange for international transfer / online purchases?

Use favourable exchange rates to convert currency in your DSBC Financial Europe account. You can keep your money in different currencies and use it to make international transfers or online purchases.

Prior to performing an international transfer, you may use the DSBC Financial Europe currency exchange calculator which compares the currency exchange rates of different banks in real time and always offers the same or a superior exchange rate. When exchanging amounts exceeding 5000 EUR, an even better currency exchange rate will be applied. All currencies are supported by DSBC Financial Europe and the currency exchange calculator can be found here.

7. Does DSBC Financial Europe offer unlimited transfer amounts?

Having completed identification, you will be able to set any transfer limits for your account. It means that your local and international transfers and payments for online purchases will not be limited based on the amount of transactions.

8. How can I transfer money to banks and other payment systems?

Transfers from a DSBC Financial Europe account to other banks are performed just like at banks. You have to fill in the recipient data, indicate the account number and purpose of payment/reference. In order to transfer money from DSBC Financial Europe to other payment systems, you will have to indicate the client number in the system or other data depending on the payment system.

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