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Terms and Conditions - Referral scheme

Dernière modification: Jul 16, 2020, 07:04 (UTC+03:00)

I. Promotion package rule:

1. Details : existing customers will get cash rewards when referring to every 3 new customers successfully as below ranges:

Type of account Cash reward
Every 3 personal accounts EUR 100
Every 3 corporate accounts EUR 250

2. Cash rewards will be funded the following month after the 3rd referee has successfully opened a new account.

3. Time : from 18th May 2020.

II. Definitions and Conditions:

1. Referrer : apply only for existing customers of DSBC Financial Europe ( for all customers having either personal or corporate account and both )

2. Referee :

  • Must be new customers who have not yet opened any types of accounts with DSBC. Examples:
    2.a : New customers have no account at DSBC Financial Europe
    • A referrer cannot self introduce to be a referee in this promotion. Examples:
    2.b : The referrer has already owned a personal account and self-introduces to open a corporate account cannot join this promotion.

3. Successful referral: referees complete onboarding process and funding requirements as DSBC Financial Europe policy.

4. Counting Reward gap time: referrer has to introduce 3 eligible referees to get the cash reward. The time period for counting reward time is 1 calendar year since the day the first referee entering information on DSBC Financial Europe systems.

Example :

  • The referrer introduces the 1st referee on 01 Jun 2020, the 2nd referee on 15 Aug 2020, and the 3rd referee in May 2021 will be rewarded.
  • The referrer introduces the 1st referee on 01 Jun 2020, the 2nd referee on 15 Aug 2020, and the 3rd referee on 03 Jun 2021 will not be rewarded, and the 3rd referee will be treated as the next 1st introduced person.

5. Limit of referral: there is no limit to the number of referrals.

6. The reward will be credited in cash to the indicative account of the referrer and is counted separately according to each type of account referred. All 3 of the accounts referred need to be either all personal or all corporate accounts to get the reward.

7. Privacy policy: by accepting these terms and conditions, referrer and referee agree to provide personal information of referee to DSBC Financial Europe (DSBC) and DSBC has the right to use these personal details (of both sides) for making contact, consulting, confirming information and supporting complete account opening process.

8. DSBC has the right to contact the referee and referrer via email, Whatsapp, Skype, SMS & other communication channels to confirm information and request supporting documents.

9. DSBC has the right to hold or clause back the rewards if the referrer is found out that he/she had abused the promotion terms and conditions or had any misleading activity.

10. Any disputes between all Parties shall be resolved by mutual negotiations. In case the Parties fail to settle a dispute by mutual negotiations within 30 days since the first day of negotiations, any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Agreement, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved with the EU law.

11. Terms and conditions can be editable and updated or terminated, without notice according to the latest policy of DSBC if any.

"DSBC Financial Europe" UAB reserves all rights to the Payment Institution License issued by the Central Bank of Lithuania. "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB, Lvovo str. 25, Mažoji bure, 15th floor, LT-09320, Vilnius, Lithuania is authorised by the Central Bank of Lithuania and the European Payment Council to conduct Financial Activities specified in our License.

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